You are not that great

As another year comes to an end, many things start to cross our minds. Most of us, usually do some introspection. This may be in the form of goals and achievements from the previous (or soon to end) year, or just hopes and dreams for the future.

In an effort to give you something more to think about with regard to who you are, your skills, your drive or your potential; I am sharing this motivational Tedx talk I came across earlier this year, by Dr Daniel Crosby of IncBlot Organizational Psychology. The talk is accurately titled “You are not that great – A motivational speech“.

I have always been a fan of the main stream TED Talks, but occasionaly, you come across some TEDx talks that are definitely worth sharing. TEDx talks are locally coordinated community talks organized to stimulate dialogue at the local level.

If you found the talk inspiring or thought provoking, you can find out more about Dr Crosby by visiting the IncBlot Blog.