wordpress infographic 2013

WordPress Infographic

I recently considered creating an Infographic for WordPress, and while doing some research, I found out that someone else already beat me to it :(. The inspiration behind creating the WordPress Infographic came after the news that; WordPress is the most popular blogging system used by 19% of the top 10 million websites, and it powers over 60 million websites worldwide as of August 2013.…

10 things to know about Muse - Creative Ruckus

10 Things to know about Adobe Muse

Adobe Muse is a software application that enables you to design and publish HTML websites without writing code. The program is targeted towards designers who are uncomfortable around code, but would like to create a decent looking website. Muse is available as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud Membership. There’s been a lot of talk on the Adobe Dreamweaver Forums about what…

One thing we agree on poster image

One Thing We Agree On

One Thing We Agree On, is a Print and Video contest from Zooppa and iStockphoto. The competition is part of a grassroots advocacy campaign initiated by focused on stamping out poverty. ONE is a grassroots advocacy and campaigning organization that fights extreme poverty and preventable disease, particularly in Africa, by raising public awareness and pressuring political leaders to support smart…