Analytics in Real Life

The web has made the world very small indeed, and most daily tasks, or social interactions can be initiated and conducted by visiting an eCommerce or social networking website. We are more connected by the web than any other means before it; and since the web accounts for a good portion of our daily interactions, we need ways to analyze, test, and measure the impact of our online business or venture.

Much like real life, succeeding on the web requires good planning and diligence. Analytics provides the opportunity for you to gain valuable insight into how customers interact with your content or product, and how you can better serve them.

This post was inspired by some videos produced by the Google Analytics Team on the subject of customer experience (or user experience). No matter what you do on the web, visitors to your website must have a consistent, non-distracting experience. They should not leave due to confusion, or ad bombardment.

I like to think of most things (as well as this topic) in relation to the Golden Rule. The premise can be applied here as well, to provide top notch service to your visitors or clients.

Analytics also helps to shield you from companies or individuals offering instant web traffic increases or viral success; as they are incapable of sustaining those results without an accurate and informed source of measurement. It’s all about testing and measuring. Targeting and measuring customer interaction is the key, not relying on fads and buzz words.

Here are some informative (satirical) videos from the Google Analytics team on the subject of Analytics in Real Life.